School organizations, clubs or teams may make requests from our General Fund.  This is similar to a grant process.  We will evaluate your request to make sure it is consistent with our funding policies.  We generally have more requests than we have funds available.  Plan to make a presentation at a Board Meeting and provide written documentation.  Students are encouraged to make the presentation.

In an effort to keep the Boosters successful, we ask that all groups/clubs make an effort to earn money through concessions and independent fundraisers in conjunction with Boosters support to reach goals.  High School is the perfect time to teach life lessons in hard work and perseverance to achieve goals.  The Boosters are honored to assist in that lesson as a team effort.

Funding Guidelines:

  • We reserve funding for extra-curricular activities, outside the classroom expenses and events/activities that occur outside the normal school day.
  • Funds will not be allocated for out-of-state travel expenses
  • In-state travel funds are limited to CHSAA-sanctioned events
  • We do not provide funding for expenses that are ordinarily covered by District taxpayer funds.

Funding Preferences:

  • We prefer to give matching funds for groups that are doing their own fundraising.
  • We prefer to partner on events where the Boosters and another parent or student organization work collaboratively and share the profits.
  • We prefer to give seed money that is paid back.
  • We give high priority to Student Council needs.
  • We give high priority to groups that support MHS and CU concessions.
  • We prefer not to award more than $2000 in any one year to any one organization or event.

Funding Requests:

  • Funding requests must be submitted in writing – see link below to access form – at least one week prior to the Board Meeting.
  • Request forms should be placed in the Boosters mailbox in the school office.
  • Mr. Eisentrager will review and approve all funding requests before they are considered by the Boosters.
  • We ask that a representative attend a Board Meeting to present the request in person.
  • Contact the Boosters at least two days prior to the meeting and request to be added to the agenda.
  • Be prepared to make a brief, informal presentation.
  • Bring the completed Funding Request Application.
  • Be prepared to answer questions.
  • We will respond to you funding request within one week.

Print Form:
General Fund Grant Request