Volunteers are the backbone of the Mead Mavericks Boosters. Without volunteers we are unable to fulfill the needs of the Mead High School community.  Your help is invaluable and always greatly appreciated.

Volunteer Committees

A number of volunteer committees have been organized to focus on specific events or activities.  These groups meet independently of the monthly Board Meetings and need help with a variety of tasks.

Volunteer Recruitment – This committee works in conjunction with other committees to provide volunteers to assist with activities and events.  Provide volunteers for annual vision/hearing screenings, annual testing proctors, etc.

Sponsorship Recruitment – This committee works with the Board to determine appropriate sponsorship levels and identify potential sponsors.  Once the sponsorship package is agreed to, this committee solicits potential sponsors.

Concessions – The lead for Concessions is Mary Benson.  Her team includes Open/Close Teams which set up the cash boxes and explain the processes at the beginning of the game and close out the cash boxes at the end of the game.

After Prom – The lead for After Prom is Tiffany Hansen.  Her team breaks into sub-committees to put on the After Prom.  From early decisions about a theme to the actual volunteers who work the event, this is a large undertaking.  Although there is a lot of work to accomplish, this is undoubtedly one of the most fun committees to participate in.

Fundraising/Special Events – This committee investigates ideas on how to raise funds through activities or events.  Whether a raffle for seating at a basketball game or larger event, this group works with the Board to determine any potential opportunities.

Teacher Appreciation – Every year, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week by providing snacks, coffee, chair massages and more for the hard working teachers at MHS.  This committee makes the arrangements for this fun week.

We understand that many of you have busy work and family lives.  In addition to the committee volunteer positions, we are working to identify opportunities where tasks can be done from home or only take a few hours.  Whatever time you can volunteer, we will accommodate you.

Contact the Volunteer Recruiter for more information.